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“Honour -Turning Fantasy Into Reality.”

How damn sexy is that?

So the wonderful guys at sent me one of their gorgeous pieces to review. Honoured and excited, they let me chose from a few different products and I finally decided to go with their “Rouge Garments Black Leather Gag with Red Ball” and boy I was not disappointed.

Honour, a British based company, was established in 1988 and is now a world leading fetish fashion brand. They specialise in fantasy clothing, adult apparel, sex toys and specialist equipment. Their story started in their Waterloo shop where they focused on selling mainly Lingerie but since starting their website in 1994, business has boomed and taken them overseas.

They are constantly updating their website with diverse products to suit everybody who has a taste for anything erotic! They have a massive collection of kinky clothing with catsuits, latex dresses, PVC, leatherette, leather and lycra and they sell the most gorgeous fantasy pieces in corsetry, lingerie, costumes, hosiery, wigs, gloves and shoes!

They have equipment and toys to suit every bondage player – from amateurs to professionals. They have a huge selection of whips, spankers, restraints, hoods, strap-ons, blindfolds, sex toys, clamps, accessories and furniture which, according to their website will leave you “tied, teased and begging for more!”

On their website, they have several options for contact. You can enter a Live Chat, call a UK Landline and a Freephone 0800 number, email them direct and even contact them via their social media. I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy the Customer Service experience when I shop online, it’s really refreshing to see a website that is actually completely open to being contacted. It allows me to trust a company and I can see from this that Honour really value their customer relationships. A huge bonus in my eyes!

Other benefits of shopping with Honour are that they also guarantee a secure and discreet delivery. Again, buying products from any Adult based website can sometimes be a bit nerve wrecking – especially if you’re a first time buyer and don’t know how its going to arrive or if you don’t live alone and would like to keep your sex life pretty private. I’m a pro at buying Adult products but I still panic that the Postman has “Super Sex Toy” X-Ray vision and knows exactly what a dirty, sex loving freak I am. There’s always that awkward exchange as he’s passing me my dildo package like he somehow knows what’s flapping around inside the box. But fear not, knowing that it arrives discreetly should put you at ease, expect nothing but a very boring box. It most definitely won’t arrive with the words “Doc Johnson Large Double Ended Dildo” plastered all over the box. The lovely people at Honour have got you covered and respect your privacy! They also offer Next Day and Free UK Delivery when you spend over £35 – I love me some free delivery! I’m such a tight arse when it comes to paying for delivery! Honour value their customers so much that they also offer a 30 Day Returns Policy.

Product Review

“Demand silence in this luxurious Rouge Garments Black Leather Gag with Red Ball, and adjustable buckled strap to accommodate all sizes.”



The “Rouge Garments Black Leather Gag with Red Ball” arrived quickly in discreet packaging. Upon opening, there was a little leaflet promoting “Pegging Classes” that you can enrol onto. It was wrapped in clear plastic and straight away, even without taking the plastic off, I could feel the distinct, high quality in the product itself.

This product is beautiful and well under-priced for the £18.99 that it sells for on I’ve seen some really tacky ball gags before and this was everything but tacky. The leather was pristine and the red ball looked so dominant in its bold, red colour. It fastened by a buckle which was easy to use and can be widely sized to fit well. It looks and feels very high quality.

The ball was a perfect size for me and I was able to fasten it easily alone – even with long stiletto nails! Bondage Bonus! The fit was perfect and was actually very comfortable all the way around. I paired this with my favourite Red Bottomed Sex Shoes and a black lace body-stocking. I felt so incredibly sexy and turned on. I love a bit of rough and tumble and I certainly need to be put in my place quite often – so this has quickly become one of my top 5 sex products right now!

If, like me, you enjoy being a serial screamer in the bedroom – then this is great if you also enjoy being submissive! This kept me as quiet as I could be. My jaw did begin to ache after 20-25 minutes but to me, this is all part of the punishment. The ball is soft on the teeth and the strap didn’t irritate my head or the side of my face at all (a common issue with ball gags)- it was very comfortable to use! You could literally wear this gag for hours and it wouldn’t irritate you.


Pure Erotic Excitement

If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom and venture down the BDSM route a little, then this could be a perfect start for you. This can add a whole new dimension to your sex life if you enjoy dom-sub fun! The entire experience was very kinky and I would fully recommend this product to anybody, whether you’re a beginner and looking for somewhere easy to start when it comes to exploring bondage or whether you are a pro! This ticked all of my boxes!

You can buy your own here at this link:

Go get Kinky!

I’d love to hear what sorts of toys you experiment with in the bedroom. Do you and your partner enjoy trying new things? How have your experiences with Ball Gags been? Comment below and let me know!

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