Sex. Let’s Talk About It.

Sex Positive

Sex. Sexe. Love making. A good hard fucking.


Whatever you call it.

We all do it, so why aren’t we talking about it?

Salt-N-Pepa even told us to talk about it baby! So let’s talk about all the good things. Let’s talk about sex.

I guess this is a good time to introduce myself. My name is Sarah. I’m a twenty something year old, self employed girl from London, UK. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now but I wanted to wait until the time felt right. So, here I am in all my sex positive glory.

I genuinely believe in sex positivity and truly feel like there are thousands of other horny, dirty minded, sex obsessed souls out there who can help me bring some sexual enlightenment to this prudish world. I decided to start a blog, put mind to keyboard and type away because sometimes there is only so much “sex” your friends want to hear over a latte in Starbucks.

I’ve always been extremely sexual. From as far back as I can remember, I certainly have always had an interest in sex. I’m not entirely sure where it stemmed from to be honest but I know I’ve always felt very comfortable expressing my sexuality and being able to discuss it openly. Since Secondary School until now I’ve had a very sexual nature. By being sexual, I don’t just mean having a high sex drive or wanting to suck a lot of good dick (although I wouldn’t complain…) I just feel like I’ve always have a huge capacity for sexual feelings. I feel like I have always had a fairly good understanding and been able to emphasize the power of sexuality.  I guess, something like having that natural “Knack” at being sexy, feeling sexy, falling in love with sex, being comfortable to experiment, push boundaries, being confident in the bedroom and feeling truly fulfilled sexually, whether that is solo or with a partner.

Sarah Spencer

Sarah Spencer – Blogger at

I love sex. Simple. and I’m really ok about that.

Sex is fucking awesome. Admit it.

So, why are we not talking about it? Cos…we really should be talking about it more. We should be more open about it, take a deep breath, spread our legs, open our minds and be bold! It’s natural after all right?

This blog is going to be a little peek into my world…sex, love, relationships, stories and experiences. The funny shit and the serious shit. Sex toy reviews, interviews and all that good stuff!

Let’s talk about it.

Love and shit.


2 thoughts on “Sex. Let’s Talk About It.

  1. I believe that sex should be embraced more spiritually, mentally, emotionally. Physical attraction alone leads to heartbreak and lack of communication causes depression.


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